Are you struggling with your website?

My friend, Rachel Schroder, was working on her own website for her growing weight loss mentoring business but it was getting tricky.  She could not get things to look as she wanted or imagined.  There was also the issue of the email address and more that was worrying her.  It is definitely not as easy as it looks on the adverts!

She called me to help her finish off the site and she has ended up with a website she is rightly proud of.  There are so many advantages to working this way:

  • She was able to use my expertise to build on and finish off what she had started.
  • It was cost effective as she did not have to pay for me to design / build the bulk of the site.
  • She has ended up with a site she loves and one she feels she has ownership of.
  • Along the way, she has learned how to effectively manage the site.

Are you struggling with your website or social marketing and would you like some help?  Just give me a call and I can move things along or finish the job for you.  I will slot in at whichever level is required.  I do not have to do a whole project from start to finish.

Contact me if I can help….