Is Your Blog Struggling to Thrive?

Seven tests for successful blogging

Do you feel as though your blog is dead in the water. You put in a lot of hours but nothing has really worked and you feel as though you are going nowhere? Well it may not be your fault and despite your best efforts, the odds might be stacked against your blog really being effective.

Jon Morrow (blogger extraordinaire) of Boost Blog Traffic has posted this week an excellent piece on successful blogging and why your blog might be struggling to get more traffic.

Then he goes even further and specifies seven criteria which he considers are absolute essentials for a successful blog. His take on the matter is that if you do not have those essentials then be aware that you will battle to make your blog successful (although of course that depends on your definition of ‘successful’).

Here’ the link: An Open Letter to Bloggers Struggling to Get More Traffic

Hope it helps!