Sell Online

What is the point of the most beautiful website in the world if no-one knows your website is there? I can help you with the following:

1) Social media set up and training – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn – whatever is most appropriate for your site.

2) Email marketing – email remains an effective way to reach current and potential customers. I can set you up on a popular emailer such as Mailchimp, provide a template for you to use and training. I am also able to help you build your email lists.

3) Search Engine Optimisation – looking at your content, structure of your site, links, and more to make sure your website has the best possible chance of being highly ranked by the search engines.

4) Blogging – a blog is almost essential in today’s world to get your website noticed. I can run the blog for you either writing it myself along suggested lines or incorporating your text into a blog post with imagery and styling. Whatever is most appropriate.

5) Sales Funnels – I am also able to help you build a sales funnel for a specific product / service launch or general business promotion and list building. A sales funnel is created by guiding your potential customer from arriving at your website to your desired outcome, eg joining your mailing list or purchasing your product. An effective sales funnel will comprise at least of a lead page, a give-away, a sign-up form and landing page to move onto. It is also crucial that the whole campaign is considered and follow-ups are in place. I am able to build, support and guide you through the sales funnel process.

Selling online is not always easy

Let me help you sell your product or service online through a variety of means such as audience building, sales funnels, SEO and more.