How To Sell Without Giving It All Away

I admit that in the past, I have given too much away and not reaped the benefits.  I learnt the hard way.

So, how do you give away your best stuff without compromising yourself or your product / service and get the results you want?  Here are some juicy tips I discovered both as a receiver (thank you to all those kind people) and a giver:

Have a Marketing Plan

#1 essential but one that often slips through the net.  It is particularly easy for sole traders to ignore this part as we are only accountable to ourselves.  But have no doubt, you are far more likely to wander aimlessly without a structure to follow.

What do you want to achieve?

Ask yourself who you are trying to attract.  In most instances, that will be more customers but are you taking a short term or long term view? Perhaps you just need more social media interaction at this stage (eg 1000 FB page likes in preparation of a sales funnel launch).  Be clear about what you want to achieve and know when you get there.

Identify your target audience

Make sure that your target audience is right for your product / service.  The target audience for your give-away might be slightly different.  You are more likely to be successful following this route:


As opposed to:


Just be aware that the target audience for your give-away might be slightly different to the target audience for your product / service.  The more similar these two are, the better.

Please, not another ebook

I have folders stuffed with fantastic material that I am never going to read.  My loss, I know, because there is some great stuff in there but I really, really do not want another ebook.  There are plenty of other options available to get your engaging material out there now such as video, webinars, google hangouts, or my particular favourite, a gift of my time, knowledge and experience.

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