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What to do about Passwords?

Do you share your passwords? From a recent survey, it seems that most of us do! But is there a safe way to share passwords?

How To Sell Without Giving It All Away

The web is full of wonderful give-aways but it is not always easy getting it right. Here are some marketing tips to help your freebies work well for you.

How to Improve your Marketing with our Free Assessment

Take a fresh look at your online marketing through our FREE website health check.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for Free Publicity

Some social media platforms are better than others for free marketing and this may determine where you want to put your time and money.

4 Essential Security Measures for your Website

I was working on a client’s WordPress website yesterday when the site was suddenly subjected to an aggressive hacking attack. The login page was bombarded by attempts to find the login name and password from IP addresses all over the world.  As soon as I blocked an IP address another sprang up. They failed …..

Are you struggling with your website?

My friend, Rachel Schroder, was working on her own website for her growing weight loss mentoring business but it was getting tricky.  She could not get things to look as she wanted or imagined.  There was also the issue of the email address and more that was worrying her.  It is definitely not as easy

Boost your Business with Social Media

Business Wales have just sent round their newsletter with a useful piece on how to use social media