Book Design

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I put my print design skills into action at Keepsake Books creating beautiful memory books – from coffee table style presentation books to retirement gifts.

These memory books are a fabulous gift.  I DO ALL THE WORK – I visit you at home and listen to your life story, ghost writing it if necessary and transcribe it into the book. I sort through photos and documents. I contact your friends and relations around the world for their contributions for your book. I put all this together in a stylish format and print it for you. Together we create a book to be treasured.

So whether it is for a golden wedding anniversary celebration or your own life story, a memorial book of a loved one or a gift for a growing child, I love to help you create the book you want.

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Sell Your Book

Calling all Authors

Have you written a book and are looking to get it published?  In today’s world, you need a marketing platform comprising of website, social media marketing, etc as well as considering whether to self-publish, look for a publisher or both.  I have a passion for books and love to help new authors get the success they deserve.  Read more…