Online Marketing

Meerkats looking for marketing advice
You have a great business idea that you want to share;
You have written a gripping page-turner;
You have just the product that everyone needs.


 But What Now?

How do you find the right market for your ideas, books, products?  And then how do you reach them? And convert interest to sales?  These are questions I love to ask and look forward to exploring with you.

Our combined enthusiasm, energy, skill and knowledge can make for a great mix – get in touch and let’s see how we can support each other.

Design your Website

Designing responsive websites in Wales from one-page to extensive ecommerce sites.

Manage your Website

Looking after website hosting, security, website editing and content management.

Sell Online

Helping you to sell your products and services online through social media, sales funnels, list building and more.

Sole Trader in Wales

I work almost exclusively with individuals (eg authors, therapists), sole traders (solopreneurs) and small businesses.  Because I am based in rural West Wales myself, (located in between the towns of Aberystwyth, Carmarthen and Lampeter), I am very mindful of the particular marketing challenges of running a successful business away from larger cities (such as Swansea or Cardiff) with their greater footfall.

How Much Does it Cost?

One of the first questions on people’s minds when looking for a marketing solution is, “how much does it cost?”.  Although I cannot give a definitive answer to that question, I have devised some internet marketing packages which I hope will appeal to you.  Also my intention is to make my website design and marketing skills accessible to most sole traders and small businesses.

New Business

Getting a business started has a set of unique marketing challenges.

Sell your Book

You have written your book, now you need to publish and sell it.

Ongoing Business

There are many marketing challenges in growing your business.


As a trained therapist myself, I love to help others start and grow a successful practice.